This Girl’s On Fire💥

I thought it would only be appropriate to make my first blog about fire and a fire camp warrior since half our state is on fire and my entire purpose of this blog is about #lifeafter.

This girl.

She spent 5 1/2 years in prison…for something we are all probably guilty of one time or another.

She paroled in 2013 and has been on fire ever since.

She is now working on a fire crew in the real world. Getting paid, and making a living from it.

So many ladies have this desire, but unfortunately, our society doesn’t allow it to happen because of their past convictions.

But my friend here, she refused to give up. They would allow her to come on crew late. (Meaning half way through and they were desperate.) But she would take it, and she ran with it. She embraced the opportunity and proved herself. Probably worked harder than the rest, since she was not just fighting with the “felon” label, but as a woman too!

Meanwhile, in between seasons, she would still train herself. Her determination and commitment was 24/7.

fire orange emergency burning
Photo by Little Visuals on

She had to give up the lifestyle of her past, associated with only positive people and spent much of her time making calls, going to classes and living as if she was who she wanted to be.

This is now year 5 on crew. And one of the first returned calls season after season!

She’s out there this very moment, on line with Captains, Superintendents, Chiefs, and Foreman. Many who supervised her while in prison!

And this is what I mean by never giving up.

And what I mean when I say we do come out better people!

We need to not give up on ourselves, and society should recognize our changes too!

Just a couple months back, I sat in a city council meeting with members from my own neighborhood who looked straight at me and said, “this is not the place for your kind.”

Well, I beg to differ. This is the type of people you do want as your neighbors. Dedicated, hard-working, and a firefighter!

In closing, her message to us all is, “Don’t think you can’t, because you can!”

I couldn’t agree more.

Thank you, my friend, for allowing me to share this, for your friendship, for being an example of #lifeafter and most of all, for risking your life to serve others!

You are a hero.💥

3 thoughts on “This Girl’s On Fire💥

    1. So amazing and a true meaning of Hope with a capital H. To know her is even more of an honor. And to watch her live her passion is wat its all about.
      Thanks Roni u are definitely one of my heroes


  1. You’re the bomb Roni. I’m glad I met you and got to work with you in camp. Now they know you’re a hard worker, u get called right away. I know they’re stupid if they don’t call you.


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