I Am Worthy!

Why is it when someone does something wrong to my kids, I am the first to call them out. Momma Bear style. But yet, when something is done wrong to me, I make excuses. It’s like I feel as if I don’t have any right because of all the wrong I’ve done.

Today I did something to change that. I dug deep and defended myself.

Calling someone out for doing something I have been guilty of myself is hard. It requires more than a backbone, but a self-confidence bone.

This “incident” happened last week, by someone with “power” over me. They made some comments that were unwelcomed and made me uncomfortable. I didn’t think much about it until it was all I could think about. Who gives anyone the right to talk to me like that. I am a woman, I am a wife and I am a mother. I am a human being. Regardless of my past. I am worthy!

I wrote the complaint over the weekend but did not submit it until today. After I clicked “send” I panicked. I was flooded with self-doubt and fear. But if I have learned anything it is to take that fear and dance with it. Don’t give it the power. Sure enough, after a few hours, (and a call to my powerful feminist daughter) I was back to feeling confident with my decision.

*Spoiler Alert* This is not referring to a harassment complaint against anyone I work with! Let’s just be clear!

I wish I could share details, but it’s really not important. What is important is that we learn as ex-somethings, that we do have rights to be treated fairly. Regardless of the other person position, we are humans and we need to be respected, regardless of how we dress, act, or of our past mistakes. No matter where I am in life, at the bottom or at the top, or somewhere in-between, I deserve the same treatment as the next person.

So, in closing, if someone says something or does something to make you feel less than as a person; say something. It doesn’t have to be a lawsuit; it could be a one on one conversation, or it could be more official. Just don’t let it continue. If we continue to brush off the small things, they will think it gives them permission to continue on to bigger things. You might just be saving someone else.

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