She’s going places…

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So much excitement these days. While I’m doing what I can to eliminate extra activities and to stay mindful of what really matters, it seems as if my desire to peruse support for women in transition is taking off.

Still doing what I can to stay grounded, but I’m so inspired and encouraged by all the possibilities.

Being a woman, a previously incarcerated woman brings so many challenges. Shame, guilt, insecurities; those are just a few.

Having support and someone walking alongside you is crucial. Even if the person can’t fully relate, knowing you have someone who simply “gets you”– gives you the feeling they “got you!”

I remember the day so well…and the days that led to it. I couldn’t do it anymore. Transitioning from X31857 back to Michelle, a wife and mother had had its toll on me. I didn’t think I would ever recover. But then, out of nowhere, someone said, “me too” and EVERYTHING changed. Just knowing I wasn’t alone, hearing I wasn’t so weird after all, empowered me. Before I knew it I was feeling like I did have a future after all. That I would make it back!

It’s been 7 years. And where I am today I would have NEVER imagined being possible. Sure, there are tough days. There are tough days for everyone. Even those who haven’t been to prison. But those days turn into nights and those nights turn into new days. Days of hope. 2nd chances.

I want to be there for other ladies. I want to build a community so large and loud that every single woman knows from the gate, that she isn’t alone.

I can’t relate to losing my kids as so many incarcerated mothers have. But I can still hold her hand. And I can lead her to someone who has!

I’ve never been without a home. But I can open my heart to someone who is and bring them a meal.

So many opportunities. So many dreams.

But for today, I’ll be a voice. I’ll share my stories, my struggles, and my victories. I’ll welcome her home with open arms, and a backpack full of hygienes! Perfume and makeup too! Yes, those things are important. When we look good, we feel good. And when we feel good, we go places!

Here’s to Women In Transition and Women Supporting Women!

Look out world! Here she comes!

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