“Scientists found women were more resilient and lived longer overall — even during good times. When life expectancy increased, women still outlived men by an average of between six months and four years.

The gap was most pronounced during hard times, however. When famine hit Ukraine in 1933, young females lived 50 percent longer than males.”

You can’t deny the strength of a woman. We are warriors.

This last weekend I spent time with some of the most resilient women I know. The pain they have had to endure would bring most to their knees. But yet, there they stand, ready to learn then leadership skills to take on more. In spite of it all.

So many times I’ve wanted to quit. So many times I’ve been ready to toss in the towel. But for one reason or another, I haven’t. But these ladies have even lost those things. The very things that kept me going.

I’ve seen hard times.

They’ve seen worse.

I’ve endured trauma.

Theirs far succeeds anything I had to endure.

I’m blown away.

Yet, I’m honored.

I’m honored to be in the same gender category.

We are queens.

We have strength like no ones business.

We get shit done.

We see a need and we so something! We don’t just sit there and wish for it to better. We find solutions! We learn new skills so we can become stronger!

If you are still not convinced of your power come hang out with this squad! You’ll be introduced real fast!

Imprisonment-denying us of our children-reinforcing trauma…it’s wrong. It’s a form of cruelty. We need to find a better way. This is not the solution.

Putting me in a cage, categorizing me as unfit, increasing my shame; won’t make me better. It makes me bitter.

Removing our kids from us doesn’t protect anyone. It continues the cycle. You take the kids, they grow up and lose their kids…until finally one says “enough” and that cycle breaks. Find that one and help her!

Science may of studied it…but I’ve witnessed it. Women kick ass!!! Let’s stop calling her shameful names and instead give her the tools to transform into the leader she truly is!

Second chances are often the first chance…

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