I’m back!

Crazy how time gets away. Has it really been since October 2018 since I’ve been here?! What about all those blogs I wrote in my head…how did I never get to those?!?!

So what will my return topic consist of? What’s important enough that I just spent 30 minutes recovering my account? Hmmmm. Not sure.

But what I do know is that I don’t like the burden of “things I’d like to get to”- there is never enough growth for me with that state of mind.

I’ve been saying I want to get back- but yet, I never seem to find my way. Before too long, it’s been, “too long” – then before I know it, I’m beating myself up with all the self doubt and unworthiness. But not today!

I have value and I have worth. I’ve had stellar days and I’ve had some painful ones. But somehow things always work out.

I have been sick for the last 12 days or so. No COVID- thank goodness- but because of COVID and the similarities of my sickness, I’ve spent a majority of that time planning my funeral. Yep- a little drama queen- but that’s who I am!

I’ve come to realize through this experience that nothing is the same anymore. COVID has changed us forever. Working through the sniffles is no longer an option. Employers and staff don’t appreciate your coughs and runny nose like they use too.😆

You know what else has changed? Self Care. It also requires a pandemic plan review!

You see, part of my illness was exhaustion. There were days I couldn’t even find the strength to shower.

At first I wondered what the hell was wrong with me. I’ve been pressed before. I’ve worked long hours before. I know hard times and I know hard work.

But what I don’t know is COVID-19. None of us do. I have never lived thru a pandemic before, so why should I be beating myself up over my lack of knowledge?!

The point to all this:


• know your body

• step up self care

• be kind to yourself. The kindness you give to others.

Times have changed. Pushing through colds and stress use to be my middle name. In fact, I thrive in these times. Nothing like being able to roll up your sleeves to get a job done!

But today I need to stop and remember to breathe. You know, like that Apple Watch reminds you to do…step it up. Remember to always check in with yourself to see what you can do for you.

We always seem to think we’re okay- till we’re not.

Take a minute, everyday, to care for your soul. Nurture that girl! Comfort her, encourage her, and be compassionate.

Welcome back, everyone. I hope to see more of you.❤️

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